Matte Powder Blusher - Coral Beam 03
Matte Powder Blusher - Coral Beam 03

Matte Powder Blusher - Coral Beam 03

Manique Cosmetics

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Soft orange, the most natural color for all skintones

The basics collection come in 4 must-have and attractive shades.

These shades are perfect for every occasion. It applies evenly on the skin and super easy to blend due to its silky smooth texture.

It is both fragrance and oil free, it is also highly pigmented and it’ll stay on your skin until you decide to remove it.

However, it will never clog your pores. It’s highly pigmented yet very lightweight.



                Use high quality and safe imported materials from Italy and Switzerland.

                Easy to use (just rub on with a brush or finger).

                Suitable for daily use.

                Long lasting, will not fade until makeup is washed.

                Bright and intense colors use a little bit to raise the natural series of faces (a little bit goes a long way).

                Friendly wudhu '(easily washed and removed).

                Easy to bend, not to scratch or mask on the face.

                Free oil and fragrance.

                Will not cause clogged pores.


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